Construction-Related Infection Control

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Construction Related Infection Control

Healthcare facilities are unique from other buildings in the sense that they have a population with reduced health status and weakened immune systems. This makes healthcare patients particularly susceptible to nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections. Construction, renovation or maintenance activities that may involve the disturbance of dust/mould or manipulation of the water distribution system are known causes of nosocomial infections if appropriate control measures are not taken during this work.

Safetech has significant experience and a great deal of expertise working in healthcare facilities. Our trained personnel follow in-house policies for infection control when required to perform inspection and testing work within these environments. Our knowledge of construction-related infection control standards and guidelines also allows us to ensure that construction and renovation projects in healthcare facilities are carried out safely, following appropriate preventive measures.

Services Provided by Safetech Include:

  • Pre-Construction Assessments / Preventive Measures Analysis
  • Design and Preparation of Construction-Related Infection Control Project Specifications
  • Inspection and Air Quality Monitoring (mould, particulate, etc.) Prior to, During and Post-Construction
  • Water Quality Monitoring for Legionella
  • Mould and Water Damage Assessments and Remediation / Restoration Activities
  • Construction-Related Infection Control Awareness Training


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