Rita Lee, BSc

Occupational Health & Safety Technician – Insurance & Disaster Restoration Group

Rita Lee

Rita Lee joined Safetech in early 2019 working as an intern. Her responsibilities included managing other interns, preparing proposals, preparing invoices, drafting reports, and meeting with clients for business development activities. In 2021 she began working as an Environmental Technician where her responsibilities included Phase One and Two Environmental Site Assessments, supervision, retrieving soil and groundwater samples, analysis of laboratory results, and the preparation of formal technical reports and light business development, all of which requires her familiarity with Ontario Regulation 153/04 (as amended) and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) CZ768-01 and Z769-00.

In 2022, Rita joined the Insurance & Disaster Restoration Group as an Occupational Health & Safety Technician. Ms. Lee's responsibilities include the identification and reporting of hazardous building materials such as asbestos-containing materials, mould contaminated building materials and lead based paints and the supervision of contractor personnel, and ensuring inspection and testing services are provided to the highest possible standards.