Michael Mitanis, BASc

Operations Manager - Occupational Hygiene Group

Michael Mitanis

Since 2007, Mr. Mitanis has been providing occupational and industrial hygiene related consulting services to a wide variety of clients in Ontario, including institutional, commercial and industrial facilities. Mr. Mitanis has performed numerous assessments for mould contamination, hazardous material assessments/surveys and assessments for airborne hazards including contaminants such as mercury, lead, silica, formaldehyde, asbestos, etc. Mr. Mitanis also has significant knowledge and experience with mould and all aspects of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Mr. Mitanis is responsible for providing oversight for all phases of occupational hygiene related projects and has gained significant experience in all stages in asbestos abatement, mould remediation and water damage restoration. This includes preparation of proposals, design of assessment and sampling programs, performing site investigations and air sampling, and providing recommendations based on results. Additional responsibilities include training and overseeing the work of occupational hygiene technicians.