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Safetech has excellent experience providing health, safety and environmental consulting services within manufacturing and industrial environments. We are used to working in unionized environments and working with members of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC), human resources, health & safety professionals and management. We are familiar with many types of manufacturing processes and the hazards potentially associated with them during operation and maintenance as well as for site decommissioning.

Our occupational hygiene department provides workplace exposure assessments to chemical agents (such as mercury, silica, metals, volatile organic compounds, etc.) and physical agents (such as noise and heat) to ensure workers are adequately protected and to evaluate regulatory compliance. Our environmental services department performs Environmental Compliance Audits (ECAs) to help ensure compliance with environmental regulations related to air, water and solid waste discharge. Additionally, our hazardous materials department can help identify, manage and oversee the safe removal of asbestos-containing materials and other hazardous building materials during renovation and demolition.

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