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Health Care

Safetech has a long-standing relationship with numerous hospitals, clinics, long term care and other health care facilities. We provide numerous services related to asbestos, hazardous building materials, indoor air quality and environmental issues for property managers of these facilities. We are also called upon by insurers, adjusters and emergency restoration personnel for claims in health care settings due to our experience working within these facilities combined with our knowledge of the unique and sensitive patient populations present that require specific construction-related infection control measures for inspection, renovation and construction activities.

Additionally, health care facilities present a number of occupational hazards related to their operations. Our occupational hygiene department has conducted numerous workplace exposure assessments (within operating rooms, recovery rooms, laboratories, tissue processing, autopsy, and sterile processing areas, etc.) related to potential occupational hazards (such as anaesthetic gases, formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde, subtilisins, and various volatile organic compounds, etc.).

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