Working with Property Managers

Property Managers

We have worked closely with Property Managers on day to day obstacles such as Indoor Air Quality, Mould and Hazardous Materials encounters during renovations to Emergency work, such as Floods, Fires and Oil Spills.



Safetech has a particular expertise and years of experience in providing inspection and testing services to the insurance industry for claims related to water damage, fire damage, fuel spills and other potentially hazardous situations. We understand the need for quick and accurate damage assessments so that a proper scope of work can be provided for restoration contractors, while taking into account the need to protect workers and building occupants from environmental hazard(s) related to the claim.

We cater to the specific needs of insurers, adjusters and emergency restoration contractors involved with insurance claims through our dedicated Insurance & Emergency Restoration Division.

Health Care

Safetech has a long-standing relationship with numerous hospitals, clinics, long term care and other health care facilities. We provide numerous services related to asbestos, hazardous building materials, indoor air quality and environmental issues for property managers of these facilities. We are also called upon by insurers, adjusters and emergency restoration personnel for claims in health care settings due to our experience working within these facilities combined with our knowledge of the unique and sensitive patient populations present that require specific construction-related infection control measures for inspection, renovation and construction activities.

Additionally, health care facilities present a number of occupational hazards related to their operations. Our occupational hygiene department has conducted numerous workplace exposure assessments (within operating rooms, recovery rooms, laboratories, tissue processing, autopsy, and sterile processing areas, etc.) related to potential occupational hazards (such as anaesthetic gases, formaldehyde, gluteraldehyde, subtilisins, and various volatile organic compounds, etc.).


Safetech has worked closely with the local transportation companies such as Toronto Transit Commission to supply Hygiene, Hazardous Material and Air Quality work both directly and indirectly through contractors.


Safetech has years of experience working in the education sector. Our clients include daycare facilities, school boards, Colleges and Universities. We understand the specific needs of the education sector and the sensitivities that may arise due to the populations present. This enables us to work closely with our clients to establish proper work procedures and schedules for construction and renovation projects to ensure the health and safety of the building population. We also commonly respond to environmental concerns, indoor air quality issues, and emergencies related to asbestos-containing materials, hazardous building materials, mould and water damage, fires and spills.

Whatever the issue, Safetech can confidently provide inspection and testing services to meet the needs of our clients in the education sector. We will work with you to ensure construction projects are conducted in a safe manner in accordance with applicable health, safety and environmental regulations and that your buildings maintain a safe and healthy learning environment for staff and students.


Whether it be a small renovation or a complete building demolition project, Safetech provides numerous services to many clientele involved in the construction, demolition, renovation and restoration industries. This includes architects, engineers, construction managers, general contractors, demolition contractors, remediation contractors and restoration contractors. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all aspects of their construction projects are conducted in accordance with applicable health, safety and environmental regulations and guidelines.

Safetech has a particular expertise at identifying hazardous building materials, mould and other potential hazards prior to demolition. We can then ensure that appropriate procedures are developed, implemented and maintained throughout the course of the project to protect contractor personnel and building occupants during removal. We also provide training for contractor personnel to ensure they have the knowledge and skills required to protect themselves and others from these potential hazards. Safetech also provides services for new construction, such as LEED air quality testing and infection control inspection and testing for construction projects in health care facilities.



Real Estate

Safetech provides environmental consulting services required for real estate transactions to buyers and sellers of commercial or industrial properties, financial institutions, real estate agents and home owners. For the sale of commercial and industrial properties, Safetech performs Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to determine the probability of soil contamination, Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and other environmental liabilities such as the presence of hazardous building materials. Safetech also commonly identifies asbestos-containing materials and mould contamination for home owners/buyers and their real estate agents and provides inspection and testing services to ensure and document successful remediation, when necessary.

Whether a buyer, seller or lender, Safetech can provide the required services in a timely matter to help manage your environmental risks and ensure you are protected against environmental liabilities.


Safetech has excellent experience providing health, safety and environmental consulting services within manufacturing and industrial environments. We are used to working in unionized environments and working with members of the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC), human resources, health & safety professionals and management. We are familiar with many types of manufacturing processes and the hazards potentially associated with them during operation and maintenance as well as for site decommissioning.

Our occupational hygiene department provides workplace exposure assessments to chemical agents (such as mercury, silica, metals, volatile organic compounds, etc.) and physical agents (such as noise and heat) to ensure workers are adequately protected and to evaluate regulatory compliance. Our environmental services department performs Environmental Compliance Audits (ECAs) to help ensure compliance with environmental regulations related to air, water and solid waste discharge. Additionally, our hazardous materials department can help identify, manage and oversee the safe removal of asbestos-containing materials and other hazardous building materials during renovation and demolition.