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Safetech has grown steadily since its incorporation and now employs over fifty individuals with offices in Mississauga, Kitchener, Oshawa, and Kingston, Ontario. A culture of team building, professional development, and a genuine concern for our employee’s career development and well-being has been fostered here. The resulting culture's success has resulted in a stronger team, more efficient communication, higher quality work, and an overall stronger company. When building our team, it is our goal to attract more people who are like-minded in our pursuit of a life that has an overall benefit to the community we contribute to, while pushing mankind forward. 

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BUILDING SCIENCE TECHNICIAN / EIT - KITCHENER & MISSISSAUGA: Safetech is hiring at both our South Western Ontario office and our Mississauga office. Reporting to the Building Science Engineers (ENG/Sr. ENG) of the Building Science Group (BSc), the Engineer-in-Training (EIT)/Building Science Technologist (BST) is required to conduct inspection, testing and reporting associated with the identification of building envelope failures, structural deficiencies and other building-related failures that may arise from chronic deterioration, construction or material deficiencies and catastrophic events (e.g. wind, water or fire damage), etc. The EIT/BST may also be involved in determining appropriate corrective measures and providing site verification and documentation that such measures have been properly implemented by contractors.

OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE TECHNICIAN - MISSISSAUGA: Safetech is currently seeking an Occupational Hygiene Technician to join our Occupational Hygiene Group at Mississauga's head office. Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Occupational Hygiene Technician is required to conduct field work and reporting related to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of chemical, physical and biological hazards. This is an excellent entry level opportunity for highly motivated individuals to gain hands-on experience evaluating a wide range of hazards in a variety of settings.