About Safetech Environmental Limited

Full-Service Environmental Consulting Company

Safetech Environmental Limited (Safetech) works on researching and developing new ways to educate the public on environmental concerns. Our consulting includes an education portion to allow those involved understand the inner workings and technical aspects of the field. We understand that you encounter problems and they are high priority, as such, we provide you with a sense of urgency with our quick response time. If it turns out you don’t have a problem, you need clear, easily understood evidence that will ease your relations with regulators and labour representatives.

Whatever the issue, Safetech will take care of it reliably… every time. That is why Safetech systematically provides industry leading response times, accurate and clearly understood reports as well as practical recommendations that are sensitive to your economic realities.

Our Vision

By painlessly helping address environmental, health & safety issues, we are recognized as responsible national leaders in honest, fair and reasonable service and in deep technical expertise.

We are also recognized for providing our committed, passionate team members, who are dedicated to their own continuing development, a relaxed, collegial environment in which they are supported in their own growth.

Our Story

Safetech Environmental Limited (Safetech) was incorporated in 2004. We consider ourselves a young, vibrant and growing company even though the three founders (Glenn Smith, Romeo Milano, and Wes Henry) already had over 40 years of combined environmental consulting experience prior to opening our doors. Each of the founding partners brought a different skillset to the table, which meshed perfectly with each other, allowing us to form and carefully shape Safetech into the industry leader in the provision of environmental, health and safety consulting services that it is today.

With our vision to change things up, break new ground and provide our clients with hands-on comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective solutions, our humble beginnings in a two-room rental unit has grown into a thriving and diverse full-service environmental consulting company. Although the three founders are still hands-on and involved in daily activities it is our diverse group of talented individuals that make Safetech what it is today. We are proud of our team and their skills, academic achievements, technical expertise, and commitment to getting the job done reliably… every time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and eliminate environmental threats so you can work, play and live, safe!

Our logo (the S-shaped salamander) reflects our mission. Like the canary in the coal mine, the salamander is a key indicator of a changing environment. Salamanders are extremely sensitive to environmental degradation; their health is directly linked to the health of their habitat, Why? Their permeable skin and eggs absorb gases and water, much like a sponge. Lacking a protective shell, neither skin nor eggs are “safe” from the environment, making them extremely vulnerable to toxins.

The salamander is Mother Nature’s warning bell. Safetech Environmental Limited – like the salamander – detects threats in your environment – indoor or outdoor, commercial, industrial or institutional.

Your Story

You have something unexpected come up and do not have the time to take care of it. While it is important and you could try to take time to learn how to deal with the problem, it is an obstacle from your true goals. You have a set of skills that has brought you success, but it is impossible for one person to know everything and address every problem that comes up. However, you realize this and are known to achieve your goals utilizing the resources you have attained and built through your network of friends and colleagues. Why not increase your resources here?

Use us as a resource at Safetech Environmental Ltd.