Tricks to Keeping Your Bathroom Mould-Free

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It’s a given fact that mould growth is not good for human health. Exposure to mould might trigger symptoms such as runny nose, red/itchy eyes, skin rash, sneezing, and much more. Extensive exposure for some people can cause shortness of breath and/or fever. 

Mould grows in places that have high moisture content. The most common place mould grows is in the bathroom...which makes complete sense right?! Regardless of whether you own your own home or rent, preventing mould growth is a must if you want to keep yourself healthy and keep the room clean. And let’s not forget the massive damage mould can do to the bathroom ceilings and walls! 

Although it’s unavoidable to prevent all moisture from accumulating in the bathroom, there are multiple (and pretty easy) ways to reduce your bathroom moisture contents! Inevitably, this will either prevent mould from appearing in the first place, or reduce the speed of mould growth. 


  1. Get an effective fan to directly reduce the moisture content of the bathroom and release it to the outside environment. Study the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the fan to ensure it is powerful enough for the size of the bathroom. If not...sounds like you should invest in buying a new fan! 

  2. Keep the fan on for at least 30mins after taking a shower/bath as you want any remaining moisture left behind. This might require extra care and effort, but health should always be prioritized. As our slogan says: Work, Play & Live Safe! 

  3. Get into the habit of using a squeegee. We takes a lot of effort and is an annoying task. But folks, there’s a reason that tool exists in the first place! Use a squeegee (even if just for 1 minute) to remove the remaining water droplets in the shower or bath. This method is so effective that it reduces the moisture content in the room by 75%! Make using a squeegee a habit...put on your favourite song in the background to give you that extra motivation if you need to! 

  4. Ensure you have a leak-less bathroom! Preventing mould is much easier than removing us! If you notice a leak in the bathroom (NO matter how small), have it fixed right away...please do not procrastinate until the last minute.

  5. Don’t leave your towels and rugs unwashed! Make it a habit to wash them regularly (at least once a week) as mould can grow on them….whether you can see it or not!

  6. Remove all shower items out of the shower! This is because water can and will be collected under these products. To prevent this, only take items you’ll use for that shower, dry them with a cloth after using them, and place them in a drier place like under the sink. We know this might be extremely annoying...especially if you use the same products in the shower each and every day! But by leaving them in the shower (especially without drying them down) it can significantly increase the surface area for mould to grow on. 

Don’t give mould a chance to grow! Take these preventative measures seriously and you won't have to deal with mould in the least not significantly!