Stop Booing Yourself Off Stage Before Anybody Had A Chance to See You Perform

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: Workplace Culture

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I was casually scrolling through twitter the other day and stumbled across this tweet by @cameramanjake which reads, “Stop booing yourself off stage before anybody had a chance to see you perform.” 

When I read this, I instantly thought of the quote,  “We are our own worst critics.” This tweet was a nice reminder that we all need to stop letting our internal pessimist keep us from taking control of our lives. 

I am not going to lie, to say I felt personally attacked by this tweet is an understatement. Overthinking my fears and insecurities seems to be my brain’s favourite pastime. 

Having recently graduated from post-secondary education, I have stepped into the newest phase in my life of becoming ✨an adult✨. Taxes, debt, developing financial security, reforming my self image, you name it, I have been spiraling through it. My internal pessimist is enthusiastically working overtime, dropping huge roadblocks on my next journey in … well I don’t really know what yet.

I KNOW I AM NOT ALONE. This tweet can easily apply to any stage in your life so everybody and anybody should be able to empathize with my pain. 

Grovel in pain for three minutes max, and now let me share what I have been actively doing to fix my mindset:

  1. Stopped downgrading myself before my performance even happens
  2. Manifested “I can do everything and anything” energy 

That’s it … yup … just those two rules. No need for a long and complicated list, my life is already complicated enough. It’s a work in progress but I must say, my mental health is thriving right now. 

Now let me tell you why I love working at Safetech. The people at Safetech exude the energy I am trying to manifest. 

Of course I adore working at Safetech, the work environment is encouraging and productive. But don’t get it twisted, if you feel you don’t have encouraging people around you right now, don’t you dare downgrade yourself (my Rule #1). Manifest the confident energy (my Rule #2) and prove those suckers wrong. I BELIEVE IN YOU.