What to Know Before Buying an Air Purifier

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: IAQ , Indoor Air Quality Testing , Occupational Hygiene

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With the recent pandemic, the sale of indoor air purifiers have skyrocketed after reports say they could be used to get rid of airborne viruses in areas where air ventilation is poor. 


Before you browse over the air purifier market, let us make some suggestions:

  1. Be careful of the flashy claims advertised on the boxes: Expensive does not mean better. Just because an air purifier has bold promises and is backed by a popular brand, does not mean it will significantly improve your air quality. For instance, a high efficiency percentage is not a good indicator of a good air purifier. Ideally you should be looking out for the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), the higher the better. Check out CBC News’ Marketplace where they tested out 5 popular brands of air cleaners. 
  2. Fresh air is literally free: If you have a window or a door, crack it open and let some air flow into your stuffy homes or apartments. Poor indoor air quality generally is primarily caused by inadequate ventilation, so let some of that outdoor air mix with your indoor air at no economic cost.
  3. Watch out for things in your home that may be worsening your air quality: Remember air quality worsens when there is more particulate matter airborne. So don’t release unnecessary pollution into your home. For instance, as shown in the CBC News’ Marketplace video, it’s really trendy to have an essential oil diffuser nowadays, but if you live in a home with little ventilation, that diffuser is best turned off.
  4. You can easily make your own air purifier at home: A simple google search online and you’ll find you can easily make your own air purifier with a fan, filter, and tape. This diy hack became really helpful during the wildfires that wreaked havoc on Western USA and Western Canada. During these times, air quality was horrible and air purifiers were sold out everywhere in the impacted regions. Many turned to making their own air purifiers and these DIYs hold up as competitors to those sold in stores!


All in all, air purifiers are not necessary, but if it gives you peace of mind then go ahead and do your research about what is available in the market. Keep these suggestions in mind and check out Safetech’s indoor air quality services for more professional support.