Root for Gardening

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: Sustainability

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There is all this talk about reducing our ecological footprints and being kinder to nature, but how? It is not as daunting as you may think. You can do your part by doing something as simple as gardening! 

Gardening is not just an amazing hobby that brings about aesthetic scenery and healthy foods, it also has several benefits for the environment: 

Think about it. In the city where all you see is technology and cement, pockets of greenery from urban gardens would be safe havens for many organisms! Pollinators would have more flowers to collect resources, small organisms would have places to call home, and organisms on the move would have patches of greenery to rest in before they continue on with their journeys. Gardens are an amazing way for you to support local biodiversity. 

Don’t forget, gardens have plants and plants perform PHOTOSYNTHESIS!! That’s right, your garden regardless of size, will have plants intaking carbon and pumping out oxygen. Help out your local air quality and support urban carbon sequestration, simply through gardening! 

Don’t have any space for a traditional garden? Get creative! Check out these vertical gardening and rooftop gardening ideas.