Outlook on Failure

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: Workplace Culture

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I recently watched a TEDxPenn by Mark Rober called The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More. This TED Talk served as a great reminder that we should not be focusing on failure. 

Unfortunately, as a product of everyday society and education, we come from a system of punishment and penalization. We should be ashamed when our grades are not high enough and we deserve to feel bad when something goes wrong with work. 

However, that is completely demotivating. Instead we should be fostering an environment where we want to learn more. 

At Safetech, I was never micromanaged. Every time I was given a new task it would be presented to me in a way where I could feel how much Safetech believed in me. 

"Keep going, keep going, here are a few suggestions, you are doing great, keep going.” 

This is what I would hear from my fellow coworkers at Safetech. 

I am definitely not perfect. I have made mistakes. But I was never punished for it at Safetech and as a product, I was essentially tricked into learning more. 

Let’s start shifting our learning process and personal outlooks, so we can see value in our successes.