The Impact of 2020 on Industry and Businesses

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: Emergency Consulting , Environmental Consulting Company , Indoor Air Quality Testing


The lockdown during 2020 has dramatically changed how our industry is dealing with carrying out our services. It is tricky because people who are infected by the virus can still spread it because of the virus’s asymptomatic spread. Safetech’s services heavily relies on moving from place to place as our technicians collect samples from multiple locations. We do not have the luxury of working remotely 24/7 as many of us need to physically go to sites. According to the Ontario Government, our industry of environmental service is classified as an essential service, so we did not have to close when the Ontario Government declared lockdowns. We did not want to put our staff at risk as they continued working, so they were provided masks, reminded to upkeep basic hygiene, and encouraged to social distance. 

After several months of lockdown, Safetech did not drastically disrupt our business operations but changes were made. Some changes included moving our meetings over to Google Meets as congregating in person is no longer an option if we want to keep everybody safe. 

Moreover, staff who can work remotely are encouraged to do so. Our staff complete tasks, such as report writing, from home. When it comes to picking up equipment or visiting sites, we handle it in person, but our offices were never at full capacity, even before the lockdowns. The great thing about our business is that employees can work wherever they wish to, as long as they get their job done. We do not have a hierarchy structure, with a higher up breathing down anyone’s necks, expecting them to clock their hours in and out at specific times.

We are taking several precautions to disinfect our workspace when our staff do come to the office. For instance, we place hand sanitizers at all of our office’s entrances and exits. Not to mention, people who come in and out of our offices have to fill out a daily screening form, allowing Safetech to track who has been in and out of the office. This is a great safety precaution just in case one of us becomes infected. We know who to contact right away.

Our company did not want any of our staff to suffer during these difficult times, especially with so many people around the world losing their jobs and having their whole lives flipped around because of this quarantine. Everything considered, we do not tolerate risking the safety of our clients and employees. We have been diligent with following government guidelines and using commonsense. 

The lockdown has seriously impacted societal functioning as our old norms now have laws against them. We understand how people may be feeling isolated and alone. We emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy mental health to our readers.