Toronto's Vehicle Dependency

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: Sustainability , Toronto

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Let’s be honest, getting from Point A to Point B in Toronto SUCKS. Whether you are stuck in traffic congestion on the 400 series highways or banging your head against the pole on the TTC, transportation options in Toronto are rough. 

Many of us live far from our workplaces and schools, be it for fresh air, lower noise pollution, or housing costs. Inevitably, several people in and around the GTA make that horrible trip through Toronto during the multiple rush hours on a regular weekday. 

TTC? Unless you live and work near the subway line, public transportation is not reliable. Walking or biking in Toronto? Ha! Good Luck! Toronto was not designed to be a city that fosters multiple transportation options. It developed with the rise of technology and automobiles, and the city layout shows it. Toronto is a city that favours individual vehicles as its main mode of transportation. 

The poor environment. How on earth does Toronto expect to promote more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, when the city is designed to convenience the use of an automobile? 

This is where electric vehicles, powered by renewable energy, come to save the day! … Not. Well, maybe. Electric vehicles are a great start to shifting Toronto’s travel strategies to more environmentally sustainable options, but new and innovative technologies will have to be developed for the city to truly hit its environmental target goals. 

At Safetech, nearly all of our employees heavily rely on the use of vehicles to get to and from sites in a timely manner. However, like many responsible businesses, we want to protect our environment so it can be enjoyed by our future generations. Safetech will motivate staff to invest in electric vehicles when possible, as the automobile market shifts from burning fossil fuels to renewable energy.