Where will Gen Z Live?

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: Workplace Culture

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2020 undeniably has been a wild year that has changed the workforce and basic interaction between humans and society. Many occupations have been moved to remote work. 

Gen Z has taken this change in stride, thinking innovatively for their futures by starting businesses at home or only applying for jobs where they can work remotely. 

Which brings up the question, how will this change the outlook of where the next generation plans to reside?

The function of bustling and busy cities such as Toronto is no longer a necessity if work can be done from the comfort of one’s own home. Living in a city like Toronto, is expensive, especially when working remotely gives one the chance to literally be working from anywhere in the world.

Safetech allowed for our employees to work remotely, even before 2020. Though our technicians do have to physically go out to site for sample collecting, there is no need to head back to our office locations to finish off reports. Slowly but surely the workforce is shifting and Safetech plans to shift with it by adapting to new technology and communication strategies. 

So maybe Gen Z will find comfort in residing in the suburbs or traveling around the world. The sky's the limit with this shifting workforce.