Emergency Environmental Insurance Claims - What Adjusters may want to know from Consultants

Author: Safetech Environmental Ltd | | Categories: Emergency Consulting , Environmental Consulting , Insurance Consulting

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Safetech Environmental Limited is hosting private webinars for Insurance Companies to bridge the gaps between consultant and adjusters. Sometimes, we exchange fun facts that may not appear to have huge impacts, but may have significant eye opening moments when we adapt to each unique internal processes. 

The main question every adjuster seems to ask us is how do you know how much this project will cost? We aren't sure if this also means, show me what you see so that I can price projects the same way internally. There is no hidden secret, if you want to know just ask (info@safetechenv.com). Depending on fire, flood, wind and emergency spills, our Project Managers can show you how we price the contractor's fees and our own. There appears to be an obsession with rates, lowering rates, unit rates and disbursements, however, the more important thing to note is "how much will this ultimately cost". 

How useful are unit rates truly when provided to you? Can you guess how many hours it will take a contractor/consultant to carry out the work? How can we streamline this process so that everyone understand what it should cost. Can you truly see the difference between the varying levels of service and quality of work you will receive? 

We hope to continue this article with regular blog updates and show you how to price projects, anomalies and hopefully instill transparency about the consulting and contractor side of things.

You are more than welcome to sign up your team for a private webinar session at info@safetechenv.com. We look forward to hearing from you.