Lead Containing Building Materials

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Lead is a heavy metal that has been used in industrial setting for thousands of years. Exposure to lead can cause specific adverse health effects to the blood system, kidneys, reproductive system, and the nervous system.
Within the construction industry, exposure to lead and the resulting illnesses have not been restricted to the manufacturing sector. Some of the most hazardous activities with lead occur on construction projects. Workers carrying out renovations, demolition and other construction activities on lead-containing structures, equipment and systems have been exposed to significant lead concentrations. Over-exposure has been most common in trades, such as plumbing, welding and painting. Construction employers have a duty to protect their workers from lead exposure.

In September 2004, The Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) released a document titled “Guideline: Lead on Construction Projects”. This document provides guidance on the identification and control of lead containing building materials on construction projects. SEL has adopted this guideline when advising client groups regarding lead containing building materials.

Our range of services include the following:
- Lead Investigations: locations and forms of lead in you building.
- Recommendations on Abatement & Remediation: what to do and how to do it.
- Design of Contract Specifications: designed to meet the above recommendations.
- Tendering, Walkthroughs, Evaluation: conducted with pre-qualified abatement contractors.
- Inspection During Remediation: ensure compliance with regulations, contracts & your management program.
- Air Monitoring: monitoring to ensure lead dust is within acceptable limits.
- Laboratory Service: air sampling and bulk sampling analysis.

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