When a major loss such as a fire or flood occurs, a coordinated response by a team of professionals is required to mitigate the loss, assess the extent of damage and determine an accurate scope of work for restoration.

At the same time there may be health and safety related concerns for first responders, building occupants and restoration personnel due to contaminants directly (such as sewage contamination or poor air quality) or indirectly (such as the onset of mould due to water damage or disturbance of asbestos-containing materials during restoration) related to the loss.

The key to dealing with these myriad of issues while at the same time keeping costs under control is having qualified and experienced professionals respond in a timely manner and provide adjusters, insurers, restoration contractors, the insured, and other materially interested parties with the information they need to conduct the work required safely and quickly. This also ensures due diligence and enables faster estimating / reserve-setting times.

Safetech Environmental Limited has been providing insurance and emergency restoration consulting services since its inception in 2004. Through our years of experience in this field of work Safetech has developed a dedicated Insurance and Emergency Restoration Division to better respond to the specific needs associated with these projects.

Our team of experienced professional project managers, occupational hygienists, health and safety technicians, and engineers provide superior environmental consulting services including:

Flood/Water Loss: Includes moisture mapping, hazardous materials recognition, mould and sewage assessments, preparation of restoration scope of work (including safe work procedures), site monitoring and post-remediation/restoration verification inspection and sampling.

Fire: Includes hazardous materials assessment, indoor air quality, soot contamination assessment, preparation of restoration scope of work (including safe work procedures), site monitoring and post-remediation/restoration verification inspection and sampling.

Infection Control (Health Care Facilities): Includes preventive measures analysis, preparation of project specifications, pre- and post- construction assessment, site inspection and monitoring, environmental-biological air sampling and education/training.

Fuel Spills: Includes assessment of contamination, soil and ground water sampling, remediation services, and post clean-up verification sampling.

Education Training: Includes on-site job-specific training for confined space awareness, fall arrest, asbestos awareness, mould awareness, infection control during construction, renovation and maintenance in health care facilities and WHMIS.

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